About Us

Bubo Learning Design, LLC is a Texas-based eLearning consulting firm that specializes in delivering quality, educational and practical eLearning solutions to clients across the country. Our services can help your company grow by utilizing the latest industry trends combined with our cutting edge curriculum designs, training developments and much more.

The importance of training your staff and retaining them in a competitive job market is critical. With the use of interactive eLearning solutions, you can reach employees, keep their skills sharp and more focused on succeeding at your company. Bubo Learning Design knows that even the most basic of training experiences can leave a big impact on your learners. When employees know a company is invested in their education and growth, they are more likely to remain with that organization and be more effective in their role and responsibilities.

About the Owner

Founded by Mark Evans in 2015, Bubo Learning Design was built from Mark’s vision to create an eLearning consulting firm that provides relevant and enriching eLearning solutions utilizing multimedia, video production and other forms of highly engaging curriculum. Bubo Learning Design takes your vision, targeted message, and goals to create thoughtful, fun and impactful training materials for your business and your employees. Specializing in making complex content into simple, impactful training, the consulting firm of Bubo Learning Design is ready training and development firm is ready to help to take your business training solutions to new heights.

If you have any questions regarding our company or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us at 469-409-2826 today.